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Understanding Birthstones and Their Representations

Birthstones are worn today to represent a person’s month of birth. There are people who would prefer wearing this particular birth stone for the month they were born, or they could collect all the twelve gemstones and wear each for the month in time. It is believed that wearing them this way has more powers and can transfer their mythical and healing powers to the person wearing them. Garnet is represented in January. It is a traditional birthday stone and found in all colors except blue. This is a stone thought to connect to planet Mars.To get more info, visit birthstone rings . It is known to offer guidance in darkness and prevent nightmares. The garnet stone is linked with constancy, healing, wealth, luck, and love.

February is represented by the purple amethyst stone and linked to the garnet and Jasper. The Romans and ancient Greeks believe that it wards off any intoxicating powers. The wearer is quick-witted and clear-headed. Amethyst stone brings serenity, temperance, and peace. It represents royalty. The pale blue aquamarine and bloodstone are for March, which is associated with hope, love, youth, and good health. People wearing this gemstone believe their happiness is increased, and courage boosted. It is a stone that is soft green-blue associated with friendship, courage, faithfulness, and work on stress-related problems.

April has a diamond as the traditional stone. It comes in various colors; however, they share the same connection of invincibility and eternal love. Diamonds are connected with abundance, balance, thought clarity, boosting inner strength, protection, and good luck. Green emeralds are May stones. They are associated with friendship, faithfulness, and loyalty. Legends believe that it improves eyesight, fertility, faithfulness, and health. In June, the stones ae moonstones and pearls which for a long time have been used as jewelry. They are believed to bring protection and good luck to the wearer. They are linked to friendship, faithfulness, and loyalty.

Ruby stones are for July. It is more strong than other gemstones but not diamond. Wearers enjoy peace and harmony and attract good friends and good luck. It is associated with happiness, courage, integrity, and devotion. Peridot, which is the stone for August, is believed to have healing properties and magical powers to protect one against nightmares. The wearer receives power, dignity, fame, loyalty, faithfulness, truth, and love. To get more info, click gemstone birthstone rings . Sapphires have a blue shade. They are September stones and come in various colors. They bring wisdom, purity, faith, serenity, loyalty, and dignity. They also have health powers to lower inflammations, fevers as well as boost hearing.

Opal is from Opallos in Greek, meaning a change of color. They are available in black and milky white. It is a stone that shields and protects the wearer from attracting negative energies and thoughts. It is rich in confidence and happiness. The yellow topaz and citrine are for November coming in brown and yellow. The wearer of topaz is blessed with strength, friendship, faithfulness, and loyalty. Their bodies and mind are healed, and travelers are protected on their journeys.

Tanzanite, blue topaz, and turquoise are the stones for December. The turquoise changes color and stands for life cycle from birth, old age to death. It represents good fortune and happiness. These beliefs represented for every stone is connected to spiritual beliefs and ancient symbols which cannot be used as a replacement of any medical guidance. Learn more from